Solar Energy System Maintenance

Worried about solar panels and hail? Do not worry!  Solar panel systems are incredibly durable and require little-to-no maintenance over their lifetime.  If something does go wrong, the components of the solar energy system are protected by durable warranties that cover replacement and repair costs.  If you lease your solar panel system, repairs and maintenance are the leasing company’s responsibility.

Solar Panel Warranties

Solar panel manufacturers provide a range of warranties that guarantee support and coverage for consumers.

Power output warranties guarantee panel performance will not fall below a specified level over the term of the warranty (usually 25 years).

Panels typically come with a workmanship warranty, generally for the first 5 years, that protects consumers against defective panel parts.  Similarly, inverters also come with warranties; usually for 10 years.

Maintaining Solar Panels - To Clean or Not To Clean?

Rain typically does a sufficient job cleaning the panels unless you live in an area with a lot of smog, dust, or dirt. Dirty panels will lower the energy performance, so it is recommended that they be professionally cleaned with deionized water under specific conditions. 

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